Bocandy Candy Review Yumm!!

You can’t go wrong! This was a great candy box and I could eat all of it! No allergies included haha. Check out the video! Thanks #bocandy!

bocandy1 bocandy2

Here are the candies that were included in my package:

  • Daim Double
  • Balkan Kakao Cake Bar (yummy)
  • Cheesecak Kit Kat (loved it)
  • Cactus Lakerol (waiting for a good time to eat)
  • Orion Mini Cola (swallowed those down in an instant yumm)
  • Tomy El Clasico (nice flavor)
  • Bonus Leftovers –> all very good!!

Starting at only $11 per month you can get a nice mix of international candy! Or get half for only $8.08 a month :)


Japan Crate March Review

Last week I received a super Japan Candy Crate! Today’s definitely Friday, but a Good Friday so check out the review!


Japan Crate Package

Japan Crate Package

Japan Crate is a monthly Japanese Candy Company that sends out awesome candy monthly for subscribers. I was lucky enough to receive the March Pack! Prices for subscriptions are below:

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 7.54.30 PM


Candy List

  • Fujiya Milky
  • Look a la Mode Chocolates (yummmmy)
  • Anpanman Pero Pero Lollipop
  • Chocolate Umbrella
  • Takoyaki Gummy DIY
  • Fit’s Nightlife Gum
  • Glico Matcha Green Tea Colon
  • Calpico Giant Panda Ice Cream Cone (awesome, reminded me of astronaut food)
  • Suntory C.C. Lemon (Didn’t get to try it, it exploded in transit)
  • Kabaya Panda Cookie DIY
  • Country Ma’am Vanilla Cookie
  • Fit’s Chewing Gum (Superb)
  • Super Mario Chocolate Pop (I kept it as a momentum, so I didn’t open it but its awesome)

The yummy snacks included:


White Chocolate Pandas


Chocolate Umbrella & Gummies

Chocolate Pandas, Chocolate Umbrella & Gummies



Look a la Mode Chocolates






Freezable Candy

Ok I must admit as kid I put a lot of candy in the freezer as an experiment of some sorts. The most popular candy that I liked to freeze were gummy bears that had melted during the hot summers when I left it in the car lol. But of course many years later there are specific candies made to go in the freezer. Lovely, right?

The company over in Spain, Fiesta has a few freezable candy items that you can choose from:

Piruleta Flax

Originally a lollipop now ice cream popsicle. Liquid candy ready to freeze.




Freezable Lollipop (Piruleta Congelable)

Liquid candy with heart shape. The Fiesta famous heart shaped lollipop now is an ice-cream.

freezable lollipop


Twisted Freezable Candy (Megatorcida Congelable)

Almost like a Twizzler but softer and freezable!! YUMMMM

frozen twizzlers


Blood Cola (Bluud Cola)

Funny and refreshing product cola flavored. Ready to freeze, ready to enjoy!



Mentos Dispenser Fun



Check out this great Mentos fruit candy dispenser! I didn’t purchase one but each ball comes with two small packs of Mentos and a toy for kids (or myself) hehe..



Candywarehouse Pee Samples on Candy Tuesday

Are you ready for this???


Pee Sample Candy


Candy Tuesday Again!! We have received some interesting and weird candy from Candywarehouse. Pee samples :) It was fun reviewing and I enjoyed them although it was strange! Also, included were awesome twirl lollipops!