Kinder Grand Surprise Easter Candy Basket

Sorry about the photo it’s a little blurry, but I had to take a picture of this huge Kinder Chocolate Easter Basket Display! There were some other big chocolate Easter Eggs that I wanted to take pictures of as well, I’ll save that for later! Have a great Friday!!!

I’m loving the Spring.


Lindt Easter Bunny Display

I’m sure everyone is passing by some pretty cool Easter Candy Display Stands, no? Well, I saw this Lindt Easter Candy stand today and decided to take a snapshot of it. It’s nothing very special like some candy dispensers that I have posted in the past but its the Lindt Brand. Lindt is one of the worlds top chocolate brands and one that favor highly. Anyway, check out the display.

p.s. The contest will be over soon. So make sure you enter.


Jelly Belly Easter Eggs

Easter is right around the corner and for me it has always been one of the most memorable candy holidays for me! I’ll review Jelly Belly Easter Eggs!

It is pretty clear that children love Jelly Belly Bean because of its’ fruity flavor and the fact that it’s jelly. Now they can enjoy it under the shape of an Easter Egg as well. And yes, the Jelly Belly Easter Eggs will come in all 50+ flavors.

I actually appreciate a candy factory that produces special treats for special occasions, such as Easter. I was never disappointed at Easter, as a small child, I loved the specially designed flavors and shapes of the traditional chocolate bunny.  It is so beautiful how the chocolate is set in the shape of a bunny and wrapped it in a colorful package. Although, as you know I’m not a big chocolate fan but Easter is the time where I do break out a little and try things! But mostly I enjoy jelly beans and flavored Jelly Belly’s.

Jelly Belly is available in 50 different flavors, as mentioned above, and all of them are naturally obtained. From French vanilla or Honey Bean to Licorice or Dr. Pepper, you can choose the one that you enjoy the most, or if you are tasting these delights for the first time, just take all of them and make a party out it.

The Jelly Belly Easter Eggs will have the same flavors but will also come with some new rookie flavors, specially designed for Easter. If the company realizes that people really enjoy a specific flavor, they will surely add it to the 50 flavor formation, making it 51, 52 or even more.  I would buy several pounds of Jelly Belly from all flavors and just sit down and test them all out, lol. I know there will be a ton of specials so I’ll try to post them soon!

Check out their contest for $10,000 in big beans!


Marshmallow Peeps Online

(photo Flickr)

Aaron from wrote an interesting case study about how many Marshmallow Peeps the are mentioned on the internet. In his post Marshmallow Peeps on the Internet Aaron found 141 instances where the Peeps Candy or marshmallow is mentioned. There are blogs, news, reference websites and stores that are mention in this curious case study!

Now that Easter is here, its great to see this! I actually didn’t like Easter Peeps as a kid. In fact, no marshmallow like sweets. :/


Lindt Gold Bunnies

Easter is right around the corner and today is Candy Tuesday! I hope you like the review!

The Lindt Easter Bunny has been around for many years! I did not realize the history behind the story until now. The first Lindt Gold Bunny was created in March 1952 and it has held a great tradition ever since. The bunny is made from soft milk Lindt chocolate and is wrapped with a gold color foil. The tradition is that the bunny is wrapped in gold with a red tie around the neck!

The month of March 2007 during the bunny’s 55 Aniversary was celebrated as Lindt Chocolate Day. Large gold bunny sculptures were made and decorations. All of which I had no idea! These bunnies are not so easy to find. Even after checking Ebay, I’ve only seen them in a couple of stores and especially from Europe!

Read more about the making of the gold bunny at the Lindt Gold Bunny Website. Also, if you’re interested you can send a Easter Card free from the site as well. They are very well designed, plus you can add your own photo. That normally at places like Hallmark is no less than $1.99 to send. So take advantage!!