ACandyStore Candy Gift Bag

Back again ready for Candy Tuesday on Wednesday!!

Sent in by, an online candy store!

All of the candy except the chocolate had strawberry and creme flavor which was nice considering I thought it was mint!! I loved the taffy by Taffy Town and the lollipop was sweet. I’m not sure if this candy gift bag is available on the website but it looks to be oriented around a holiday theme!


Check out if you want to mix up your candy store shopping a bit!



Happy Valentines Day!!!!


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Sorry this comes so late. I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day! I’ll see you again for Candy Tuesday tomorrow!!


Be My Valentine?

Wow, it was just one week ago where I saw tons of Christmas Candy still being sold! Here are some of my favorite types of Valentines Candy!

  • Gummy Trolls Hearts – With Messages (sms)
  • Heart Lollipops – Cherry Flavor
  • All types of edible Clothing and Jewelry
  • Any type of Ghirardelli Milk Chocolates
  • Above all — Hershey KISSES!!

My wishes? I wish there were special Haribo Valentine Gummies and perhaps special Skittles.

What are your favorites?


Air Head Valentine Candy

Ohhhh! These are so good. I wanted to do a video review but they were calling my name. I love Air Heads and especially when they are small and individually wrapped. Inside the bag are: Strawberry, Cherry and White Mystery Flavors. I didn’t like the flavor of the White Mystery but the rest were great and juicy like always.

Valentine Candys are so nice these days because on each of these small packages are Valentine messages such as: “UR2COOL”, “Sweeeet!”, “Friends Forever“..and the list goes on. Even on the back, there is a place to write: To: and From: … if you have classes and would like to give these away. Ooohhh, I remember the days..