Now its that time of the New Year, Valentines Day. One of the most heartfelt candy holiday’s of the year! I’m psyched this year because I’ll be giving away Valentine’s Day Candy next week in the Valentines Day Candy Contest 2009! The Halloween Candy contest was such a success that I would like to keep it for each holiday that recognizes candy 🙂

The dates of the contest will begin on January 26th. Be on the watch for the contest details and make sure you participate. I would like the prize to arrive right in time for Valentines Day!

Here is my top Valentine Candy List

  1. Valentine Hearts (yeah old school but they are nice)
  2. Jelly Beans
  3. Chocolate Boxes
  4. Heart Lollipops
  5. Chocolate Roses
  6. Fudge Candy
  7. Nerds Valentine Edition
  8. Licorice Valentine Candy
  9. Rock Candy
  10. Everything sweet!!

Ideas for Valentines Day should change each year but my thoughts would be to make homemade candy and place a small gift inside!

I’ll post more info about the contest next week! Stay Tuned!