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Meet an official candy addict and vlogger candy reviewer since 2007. I admit that I really love candy and this blog is a result of it. I’ve tried many times to quit, but just like people have yo-yo diets, well I have a yo-yo withdrawal each time that I try to limit candy and do more sugar free candy reviews.

I’ve recently decided that, well I have a problem but if I limit my problem I can still share with the world the best candy that you can buy without all of your teeth falling out and without being overweight. Sugar, is a big problem but only if you like it take you over. So check out my reviews of chocolates ( my least favorite), gummies, bubble gum, lollipops and sour candy.

I get candy in from all over the world and when I visit new places I make sure to review it and add it to my collection to share with you.


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