Hey guys! Another edition of Candy Tuesdays with candy sent in from Finland. Enjoy the review!

The Aakkoset (Alphabet) Fruit gummies were really tasty and soft. Although the flavors were not that distinctive, it was enjoyable. The bag that I reviewed is actually a Super Mix of 315 grams and the price is different than stated on the video. The price is 3.50 euros which converts to almost $4.00.

The company is Leaf and the candy is made in Finland. If you visit the company website you will see a list of those candies. However, to purchase a bag for yourself there is a Finnish company which will send all types of candy and other goods from Finland at fairly good prices: Suomi Kauppa

I tried to spell out “Love Candy” but there weren’t any “D’s” in the bag. Unless I ate them first! So I managed to spell out “Love Sweets”!

So if you managed to buy them, let me know what you think!