I’m a little of a bubble gum freak.. I like to chew bubble gum for a good minute and a half and then chew more until I have NO MORE. Usually, I just buy a bag of gum balls normally used for a gumball machine. But today I decided to purchase something different and I came across Bazooka Bubble Juice Nuggets gum. I use to eat a lot of Bazooka as kid but the sweet flavor didn’t last long.

This bag of Sour Green Apple Burst caught my eye because they were bit size nuggets with a little more flavor than the original Bazooka gum. So after opening the resealable pouch I was greeted by nerd like gum nuggets with lots of flavor and easy to chew!! I’m so happy that I purchased it from a new store that I visited Five Below that sells lots of hard to find candy..retro and new. The price was $1.29 per 2.0oz bag. The fruit flavor did last a while and it was sour but not as Cry Baby gum.

Bazooka Gum Nugget Flavors Include

  • Sour Green Apple Burst
  • Rockin’ Original
  • Slammin’ Blue Raspberry

The website  www.bubblejuicegum.com has the nutritional information and ingredients.

Warning: If you’re not careful and only chew a few gum nuggets at time you could possible swallow gum!!