One of my weaknesses at a carnival or amusement park is buying cotton candy. I love all flavors, blueberry, strawberry and whatever freaky flavors there are! I haven’t been able to try so many cotton candy gums but here are the top cotton candy gum’s that I’m going to review.

Cotton Candy Bubblicious Bubble

bubblicious cotton candy gum

Bubblicious has a very good cotton candy flavor but the gum doesn’t last as long as I would like. Overall – Good

Harry Potter Droobles Cotton Candy Gum

cotton candy potter

This bag is making me drool. I haven’t tried this Harry Potter Droobles Cotton Candy gum yet. I will make sure I try and review it later.

Big League Chew Cotton Candy Gum

big league cotton candy gum

I haven’t had Big League since I was like 15 years old. I use to love it and the original flavor to me was awesome so I can imagine that the cotton candy flavor is great as well.

Bubble Tape Gum Rolls Cotton Candy

bubble tape cotton candy

Bubble Tape the long last flavor and its soft texture is one of more reasons why I should try the cotton candy gum. I bet its great!

Dubble Bubble Cotton Candy Gum

dubble bubble cotton candy

Dubble Bubble has three cotton candy flavor gum balls (Cherry, Lemon & Blue Raspberry). First, I have never tried lemon cotton candy gum or cotton candy. I would love to try these, although I’m not the biggest fan of Dubble Bubble because it doesn’t last long.

If you were looking for cotton candy gum, here are the best out there and hopefully the ones that I didn’t try I will review in the future! All of these are available at Candy Warehouse!

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