crystal rock candyI use to love buy rock candy and even making rock candy as a kid. I actually have not bought any in so many years. But my favorite crystal rock candy flavor was blue which tasted a bit like blueberry to say the least. The only thing that I don’t enjoy to much about eating rock candy is that at times I cut my gums. That is so annoying but good thing they aren’t made so big.

My first experiment in making rock candy went ok as a kid. However, it wasn’t so rock hard I admit and very chewy. As a kid anything sweet is great so I ate it without problems. The key to rock candy recipes is food coloring, lots of sugar, good oven that doesn’t overheat, good mixing bowls, timer and lots of patience (which I lack) 🙂

Here are the basic ingredients that you’ll need.



make rock candy

  • water
  • granulated sugar
  • flavoring extract or oil
  • food coloring
  • glass jar
  • skewer

If you don’t feel like sweating in the kitchen making rock candy I suggest you buy it! While they aren’t so easy to buy in bulk you can find the occasional small package!

Note: A lot of people are making lots of nice rock candy art. I’ll be posting about it in the candy art section soon!