I have a fun edition of Candy Tuesday’s today. I had my little assistant help me with the review for today. Check it out!

The video was recorded last Wednesday and I believe that the company Bubble Chocolate wanted the chocolate bars to arrive for Candy Tuesday but it did not unfortunately and as you saw in the video the chocolate was a bit melted. In my area, there were temperatures last week up to 106 Degrees.. So I guess you know the rest. Melted chocolate …

The good thing is that my nephew did enjoy it and he loves chocolate. When I tried the Bubble Chocolate I did let it simmer in my mouth a bit and it reminded me a waffer cookie. Easy to eat and melts in your mouth. It is interesting and recommend everyone trying it because it is different and easy to eat! The chocolate has a nice rich flavor and taste well, although I only tested the Milk Chocolate. My nephew wanted and tried the Dark Chocolate — I swear he is like an old little man!!

You can buy Bubble Chocolate at the following stores: Wholefood Stores, TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Check the Bubble Chocolate website for the store locator and get a small glimpse of the Bubble chocolate.

I will be holding a contest for Bubble Chocolate soon — but lets wait a bit until the temperature cools down!