Candy Tuesday Delay

I’ve had to move to new place and I don’t have my equipment or anything set up. Once I set everything up, I will try my best to post the Candy Video Review later this week! In the meantime, why can’t people STOP stealing from the candy store?
Freezable Candy

Freezable Candy

Ok I must admit as kid I put a lot of candy in the freezer as an experiment of some sorts. The most popular candy that I liked to freeze were gummy bears that had melted during the hot summers when I left it in the car lol. But of course many years later there are...

New Winner

As the original winner did not contact me to verify the new winner of the Valentines Day Contest is here

Top Candy Jewelry

Ok, I was asked to review some good candy necklaces but there aren’t too many different types. The original candy necklace is typically made with small tart candy with a retractable elastic string. These are fun to wear and eat at the same time. Warning, I...