swedish fishI vote that every one try Swedish Fish! Although, all of my friends and family that have tried Swedish fish from my “referral” have told me that they are bland and have no taste. I find that to be the opposite. Granted the red swedish fish which are the original swedish fish flavor, I think that most of them have the same flavors.

However, the new Grape Swedish Fish have a little bit more tang than the original fish. The new bags (AguaLife Swedish Fish) have assorted fish contain green, red, yellow, orange, blue, and purple. I love them and usually buy a big bag of the small fish as the bigger original kind of stick to my teeth too much. I prefer the smaller fish these days!

Are Swedish Fish From Sweden?

I got this question a lot when I first bought my bag of original swedish fish to Finland. The Finn’s thought it was funny just as they thought “Swedish Meatballs” were odd and not true. As we all know, Finns and Sweds have a country rivalry but thats nothing new. Honestly, Swedish Fish candy did originate from Sweden in 1958 and was imported to the USA during the 1960s and 1970s.

Where to Buy Bulk Swedish Fish?

I recommend of course the usually especially if you’re an addict like myself. Candy Factories, Ebay and Sam’s Club!