Sorry I’m late!! Enjoy the Candy Tuesday review, it was fun to record!

Play Checkers! Eat the Pieces..

OH YEAH!! I wouldn’t last long in the game because there wouldn’t be ANY pieces left LOL. I had a great time doing the review and I’m sure you guys were happy to see my stash of candy on the side. There were rules on the back of the check board which I thought was cute:

Candy Checker Rules

Candy Checkers can be played like a regular checker game if you wish (NOT).

  • Play checkers in the regular manner, but once a candy game piece is jumped you eat the opponents piece!
  • A player wins the game when the opponent cannot make a move. In most cases, this is because all of the opponent’s pieces have been eaten, but it could also be because all of the pieces are blocked in.

Check out more candy at and if I find more fun candy games I’ll review them as well!!

ps. Sorry this video is so late!