Have you ever tried Candy Cups? Well, I never heard of them until today while searching Candy Central! Candy Cups are similar to lollipops but in the shape of a colorful cup that is 100% edible!  You can fill it with soda pop, water or any other drink that you might think taste fun with the fruit flavored cup! On the website it even says you can mix icecream with it as well, so I bet would turn out yummy!

The candy cups are packaged as a six pack with each weighing 2.96 ounces. The price from Candy Central is $26.25 so that’s a little over $4 per cup so not bad at all! At the moment they are out of stock but once their available or if I find them online anywhere else I’m gonna have to try it! I haven’t seen any Youtube videos out there so hopefully I’ll be able to post on Candy Tuesday’s!

At the moment, Candy Central is offering all TodoCandy visitors 5% off of all orders, so click the banner to the right to get access to that!

See ya and stay cool, because its HOOOOOT where I’m living!!