Well several reasons why right now I need to change from eating candy to an apple.


sugar free candyI should make “the switch”, however I’m allergic to apples because of the citric acid. Unless it is cooked with LOTS of sugar I can eat it without my tongue itching.

BUT.. I should try to calm down a little bit with the sweets. I plan on going on a little candy break. Every year I take time to get away from eating candy so that I can break down my high level of eating. Last year I went 2 months without eating candy. This Spring, I’ll just let it ride without setting a date (probably not very intelligent).

What are my candy subsitutes?

  • Sugarless gum
  • Fruit (all that I’m NOT allergic to)
  • More juice
  • Nuts

As a candy addict, I know it will be hard the first week and a half but I can do it. I will still review candy so, come back and read up on my candy diet 🙂

List of Sugarfree Candy