I received a message in my Youtube Candy Tuesday inbox yesterday about a Candy Rap song that was made. It was pretty funny and actually good. Below is the video with the lyrics. Enjoy!!

Check out the Candy Rap Lyrics

Original Song and Video

All that candy – 75 big ones
Thanks to Squid, BO, and AG
Candy Rap 2008©

Music and Lyrics By: Josh M.
Skittles, Starburst, Snickers, and Twix
I love eating candy, especially Tricks
Give me anything, even a mix
Some Chocolate, Lollipops, and Pixie Sticks
Gummy Bears & Sour Patch Kids
I grab my Push Pop and pop the lid
Ring Pops on my fingers, even the mids
I’m so desperate, I steal from the kids.
I’m eating this candy till I drop
A bag of Sweetarts and a Baby Bottle Pop
I flip it, dip it, and shake it
Eating so much candy, knowin I can take it
There is no candy I don’t like
Nerds, Pez, and Mik’n’Ikes
Girls are cool, but I find them a waste,
They don’t give me that pleasurable taste.
I’d rather kiss a pair of wax lips
I don’t drink beer, I go on candy trips
Rock Candy is made of sugar crystals
I hold Baby Ruths like they’re pistols
Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar
What is that, Jelly Bellies in a jar?
Pop Rocks in my mouth go pop pop pop
I grab a bag of M&Ms and never stop
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups taste so good
Bottle Caps and Dum Dums, I knew that I would
Don’t even get me on bubble gum.
Bubbalicious, Bubble Tape, and Bubble Yum
I chew it like I chew my food,
But after I chew it, it don’t go down my tube.
Lose the flavor? I grab another piece
Or maybe three more because I’m a candy beast!
When I go fishing I catch Swedish Fish,
No need to cook them, no need for a dish.
Just drop them in my mouth, enjoy the bliss
And follow it up with a Hershey Kiss.
I am hanging out with my buddy
When my mom tells me its time to study
I tell her no need, I took some Smarties
Eating candy tonight, no crazy parties
The only board game I play is Candy Land
I eat Candy Buttons out in the sand
You’ll see Lemonheads when I open my hand.
Blow Pops in my mouth, till they’re crammed
Razzles are candy that turn to gum
It’s a two for one deal, oh how fun
I’ve saved a life with a life saver
If Jujubee was a girl, oh how I’d crave her
I am not addicted to drugs like dope,
But I have a craving for that Nerd Rope.
Tootsie Rolls on my teeth, I got me some grills
When I eat Tic Tacs, I pop ’em like they’re pills
When it snows, I think its powdered sugar
I just ate something green, hope it’s not a booger.
I eat so much candy that when I take shits
I poop out Almond Joys and Whatchamacallits
Before I go to sleep in my bed,
I reach under the pillow and grab an air head.
I Eat Now N Laters Now and Later
At my parties, the candy is catered
I eat Tootsie Pops for no reason
I eat Candy Canes no matter the season
I eat Snow Caps because they’re a pleasin
Did you just eat broccoli? That is treason.
I got a Candy Jewelry hanging from my neck
Eating Atomic Fireballs, it burns like heck
Charleston Chews have marshmallows beneath
Jawbreakers can’t even break my teeth
When I brush my teeth my toothpaste is a Squeeze Pop
When I go to the dentist, all their mouths drop
Cavities galore, call my teeth Dem Bones
Protect your 100Grand, I’m coming to your homes
You see, sugar’s my thing, it gets me high.
Think you can eat more, don’t even try
Sour Skittles, Mega Warheads, I wont even cry.
I eat Flying Saucers soaring through the sky
Carmel and Cream make up my Cow Tail
Gobstoppers for all, even those who read Braille
Sour Punch Straws, come in the mail
If candy was a crime, I’d be locked up in jail
My Laffy Taffy stretches across the world
I love Cotton Candy, it’s sugar swirled
Of this rap, Willy Wonka would be proud,
I’m eating his candies and screaming them loud.
Around the Easter season, I call on my Peeps
To bring me Sprees and Dots piled in heaps
I don’t got a job, but I still get Pay Days
Ironic that our galaxy if full of Milky Ways?
Twizzlers and Jolly Ranchers are so yummy
In a Mr. Goodbar way, a Crunch bar is crumby
Sour Worms and Orange Slices are deliciously gummy,
With all this candy there’s a party in my tummy
(Here dude try some of this new sugar free candy)
Get that sugar free out of my face
That ain’t no candy, that’s a disgrace.
I’d rather have some of that Red Rope Lace.
The candy store, yea it’s my favorite place.
If you haven’t guessed, I’m a candy fend,
If you touch my candy, I’ll get mean.
I was born a human, but now a candy machine.
Eat so much candy, that I sweat when I dream
What is in Wonder Balls?, those chocolate spheres
Nothing like Mars Bars and Three Musketeers
I’ve been eating Sixlets sine I was born
I wish I had a field full of Candy Corn
Safety pops till I die, is what I have sworn
A drop of Fun Dip wasted, I fall down and mourn
I eat candy hearts in my room all alone
My Big League Chew’s my only thing ever blown.
I use Butterfingers for my cologne
Mentos and Yorks, always make me moan
Milk Dudes and Whoppers while I’m on the phone
I’m the King of Candy, put me on the throne.
I can eat more than all the others
More than my sisters and my brothers