How unique! Candy Wrapper hand bags! I’ve seen candy wrapper bracelets but never handbags. I would love a Skittles candy wrapper hand bag. Skittles was one of the first candies that I remembered as a child and I’m sure it was because of the “Taste the Rainbow” flavors and colors. These bags don’t come cheap at all. Handbag maker Nahui Ollin has a large collection of unique hand bags that of course include the candy wrapper made.

Here is a quote from the website:

ALL of our materials (Candy wrappers, gum wrappers and soda bottle labels) are factory rejects from independent manufactures and have never been used. These same materials were certain to be sent to a land fill or garbage dump only to pollute the earth more! Not only does the process sustain the environmentally-friendly practice of recycling, it also yields creatively-fresh, long lasting and innovative products.

Made from up to 4000 individual candy wrappers, each piece is passionately and patiently hand made by craftsmen and follows the same process of folding, weaving, and sewing, which can take up to 4 days to complete. And while the bags are indeed made from candy wrappers, gum wrappers and soda bottle labels, they stand the test of time and weather for tear-free, long term durability. What you once would have discarded without hesitation, has been transformed and reshaped into the next must have fashion accessory.

The best selling candy wrapper hand bags can be found at the website: Nahui…

  • Shoulder bags
  • Hand bags
  • Convertible bags
  • Messenger bags
  • Clutch and evening bags
  • Wristlets and cutlets

After reviewing more of the website, they have a new type of bag and its made from Newspaper! How dificult that must be to make. However, its art and I LOVE IT!