After a flight on Vueling Airlines they gave out chocolate samples from the Spanish chocolate store: Chocolat Factory. I wanted to do this review last week but as you read below, it contains almonds. I’m allergic to almonds…

The Legend of the Chocolate Clouds

Legend has it that there was a time when clouds weren’t made of water, rather chocolate. Beginning in December, it continues, people would start experiencing feelings of joy and happiness that grow stronger as the holiday season approaches. Without anybody even realizing, this sweet euphoria would then condensate and rise up into the sky forming a crunchy chocolate and almost delight. And, as it grew bigger and bigger, it would eventually turn into a wonderful chocolate cloud!

Cute cloud below!!

I actually did try a chocolate bar from the Chocolat Factory store with caramel and it was awesome. I love chocolate with caramel, ie. Twix! But  this was 10x better and soft. Check out more chocolates at the website:

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