chocolate crittersToday is Valentines Day and usually this day is filled with a lot of chocolate gifts candy! A hot chocolate candy over in Japan that is making noise over here are Chocolate Critters that are shaped into bugs and worms. I’m not sure if this is considered a sign of LOVE but if you’re in for a good laugh, then you should buy them. People have traveled in Japan by car over an hour just to buy the Chocolate Critters because they were sold out elsewhere.

On Valentines Day in Japan the big thing is chocolate however with a twist. Valentines Candy which are uncover as a fruit or non chocolate is actually filled with chocolate. Strawberries which are usually red, have the outside coating of a strawberry flavor but once you take that bite, theres nothing strawberry about it!

The reason behind all of this is that on Valentines Day in Japan, the tradition is for the woman to buy men a gift!!

You could make your own chocolate bug candy with a special bug mold. But I believe some vendors might sell it on Ebay!