We all know that learning numbers are necessary to kids and we all know one thing that kids love besides toys, “CANDY”. To help make learning fun we are sharing with you Candy 1 to 20 By Laurie Wolf and Pam Abrams with photos by Bruce Wolf. This book is designed to help teach children the basic numbers 1 through 20 using candy to form the numbers such as, 2 sour strips to make the number 2 or 19 Peanut M&Ms to for the number 19 and so many other candy combinations to make numbers 1 through 20.

The idea of using one of a child’s favorites (candy) to teach numbers is a great way for children to learn. Candy 1 to 20 using the combination of candy and education is the perfect way to help teach kids using their favorite yummy treats to learn their numbers.

Of course for me as a candy addict the photos were mouth drooling because well.. I didn’t have the same stash at the house during that time. Afterwards, it made me go out and buy a couple of sour strips!

Check out some of photos from the book!

This makes a nice gift for any child.

Purchase online for only $8.99!