Hey guys! This is a special Candy Tuesday and very honored to review a new chocolate customization company! Check it out

The video was kind of long but I loved customizing my candy. I can’t wait to receive it and once I do I will definitely review it. I love the concept and its a great chocolate gift idea. You’re allowed to design your own chocolate bar online, and in fact, add chocolate lentils, gummy bears, sugar hearts etc, to a chocolate bar.  I love that you can name the bars.

My customized candy bars are below:

  • Banana Delight Smiles
  • White Pearls
  • Gummy Choco

The total price came up to $33.00. Not bad at all for three bars customized. I’ll make a full review once I receive it in the mail! In the meantime, check out the Create My Chocolate blog and website.