If you’ve been following my blog, then you know the popularity of creating your own chocolate candy bars at two websites that I have reviewed: Chocri and Chocomize. Chocri originated in Germany and due to its popularity decided to try the U.S. markets and with their recent launch it has been successful and popular. Chocomize company which is based in the U.S. has had great success as well. This is not just a fade but very much “in style” and a growing trend. However, I would LOVE to see non-chocolate “create my own gummy candy” for example!

So yesterday I saw in the news that the Hershey Chocolate World visiting center will offer visitors a chance to make their own chocolate as well. How cool is that? If you check out the Chocri video demo that I did you saw my excitement creating the candy bar but imagine in the chocolate factory creating your own chocolate! Well its possible if you visit the Hershey Chocolate world during this Summer 2010.

Valentines Day is right around the corner, so I would highly recommend using any of those create my own chocolate websites, because it adds a special touch as a Valentines Candy gift!