Credit: Zachary James Johnston

I didn’t know that NBA star Derrick Rose had a candy addiction!! Well it comes of surprise as well because the biggest NBA star known for his candy addiction is Lamar Odom of the L.A. Lakers. However, Derrick Rose has a bigger and better treat than Mr. Candy Odom and that is his own customized Skittles Candy Machine. Skittles first heard about Rose’s candy addiction and decided to create the machine specifically for him. Rose is not the only celebrity as Skittles will be testing among more celebrities in the future, but he is the first.

The machine, which includes “D. Rose” on the bottom, right corner, has a motion-activated sensor that plays a recorded message — perhaps taped by Rose — when someone walks past.

This weekend Rose and his teammates on the USA Basketball Team will be preparing for the 2010 Turkey World Championships in Madrid playing in the Global Community Cup against Spain and Lithuania!

Good Luck!