Well its been pretty silent on the blog for the past two weeks. I do apologize! I’ve been to the dentist back and forth during the last two weeks. I’ve gotten my teeth cleaned and check up. I did have some problems – not do to eating candy of course!! However, I think I’m planning on getting braces after the New Year 2009! I still have my wisdom teeth and they need to be yanked (OUCHHHH)..

So that’s whats been going on. I will continue to write and post my Candy Tuesday Reviews and post what candy I’m eating now. However, I have been slowing down on eating so much candy. I am a true addict but I know its better to slow down just a tad!

Halloween Contest – Update

The winner of the Halloween Candy Contest received the candy and her kids just loved it. Here is the email she sent:

Just wanted to let you know I received the box of candy last night!
Thank you so much, my kids are so excited!!
I can’t believe all the different candies!
Wow, thank you again J

I’m happy that the candies were received without problems!  I will be post a new contest during Christmas or after the New Year!