So since I was away in Europe I’ve gotten back and had to settle down a little bit. I was able to purchase some different international candy along the way. This candy from Germany caught my eye because its a fizzy sour candy. My favorite type of candy is sour!

I picked up a small 2,1oz bag just to test of Aloj-Brause candy named Brause-Stäbchen.

When I first popped a piece into my mouth I found that it took awhile for it to actually FIZZ. I wait and waited until I just bit into it. Then after there was a little fizz and actually very little sourness with the Cherry flavor. It was quite disappointing as I had high hopes for something to tickle my mouth. The flavors are distinctive (Tropic is the most sour) so that’s a plus I would opt for more fizz. But its soft to chew and easy to eat.

Flavors: Cherry, Orange, Lemon and Tropic.

The manufacturer is Frigeo

Below is a photo of a large box of Brause-Stäbchen.