Ok I must admit as kid I put a lot of candy in the freezer as an experiment of some sorts. The most popular candy that I liked to freeze were gummy bears that had melted during the hot summers when I left it in the car lol. But of course many years later there are specific candies made to go in the freezer. Lovely, right?

The company over in Spain, Fiesta has a few freezable candy items that you can choose from:

Piruleta Flax

Originally a lollipop now ice cream popsicle. Liquid candy ready to freeze.




Freezable Lollipop (Piruleta Congelable)

Liquid candy with heart shape. The Fiesta famous heart shaped lollipop now is an ice-cream.

freezable lollipop


Twisted Freezable Candy (Megatorcida Congelable)

Almost like a Twizzler but softer and freezable!! YUMMMM

frozen twizzlers


Blood Cola (Bluud Cola)

Funny and refreshing product cola flavored. Ready to freeze, ready to enjoy!