Welcome Back to Candy Tuesdays

Its been a while since I’ve done a video blog, well I was using my friends camera while in Spain and up until last week I purchased a Sony GC1 Video Cam. My old sony camera had video but no sound.. AACK.. But now I’m back in action to give you yet another candy review from around the world. Frunas Fruit Chews from South America!

Although I purchased it in Spain from a Latino Produce Store just to find something new! Check out the video..

I recommend you trying the Fruna Fruit chews, I would compare them to Starburst but they are WAY much better! I like the mixed flavors and especially the Lemon Tangerine!

The company Frunas does have a website although in Spanish: http://www.frunas.com

In the video I mentioned that I wasn’t sure if you could buy them here but obviously they are popular here in the states. They can be purchased at Amazon, Ebay (Stores) and others but you’ll find a variety of stores at Amazon.

Last time I check a pack of 48 were just $2.47 a box so its worth ordering if anything to see for yourself!