Sorry for the delay for Candy Tuesdays but finally its available with my first international candy store! Also, for more episodes you can now bookmark as the new home for videos only!

Thanks to the wonderful people at for sending these candies! They were yummy! Although, I thought the candy would be from Spain, the brand Olympic is the manufacture of the Gelo candy is from Greece. They have been making candy since 1958 and have many types of candies. There website is in Greek but here is the link just in case you’re able to read the Greek language:


These can be purchased directly at Confitelia for only 2.80 euros. The bag was huge and worth the price I think. You can order candy to the U.S.A or pretty much any country. I’m happy I had a chance to review this website because there are candies and snacks that are amazing from Spain but I had to show you personally and this candy store online in Spain helps.

One birthday I was given a gift of candy & a cake (like always) but this candy was different because it was a marshmallow candy cake. At Confitelia you can see examples of candy cakes that are just amazing.

candy cake

Before visiting Spain, I had never seen such a thing. But not only do you have marshmallow cakes but all sorts of objects like purses, sandwiches, flower bouquet and more. Check out the category.

I know where I will order directly when I’m outside of Spain and craving candies that are JUST NOT available state side..