Recent studies have shown that gluten is not suitable for certain children. Unfortunately, many types of candy contain gluten making it difficult to find gluten free candy for your child.

Of course, some children are actually gluten intolerant and can develop serious allergic reactions to it (like myself), which is why it is important to have test performed and see if your little wonder really is gluten intolerant. If the tests come out positive, you can read the following and find the best gluten free candy available.

Most candy producers have a gluten free candy line up, similar in taste and texture to the ones that contain gluten. Ask the retailer to provide with a full list of the gluten free candy on supply (most of them have that list ready and waiting). After that you can start choosing the candy your child loves the most and ensure that he or she is safe eating it.

There is of course that very narrow market share that contains producers of gluten free candy only. These are the ones you should focus on. They are tastier and healthier for your child compared to other ones from which the gluten was extracted. Yes, they may have a little higher price tag, but it really makes no difference (specially developed gluten free candy is about ten to twelve percent more expensive per pound).

Don’t avoid this issue because otherwise you could cause serious health problems to your child. It isn’t all that difficult to find and provide with this special gluten free candy. Even children that can eat gluten safely are better off without the gluten and I recommend trying this type of candy for these children as well.

In conclusion, gluten free candy is available, but you will probably have to ask specifically for it, even in supermarkets, because it has only been introduced to the market recently. Prices will go down as well, so your child can benefit from this healthy treat.

Most Popular Gluten Free Candy Brands

  • GoNaturally
  • Yummy Earth
  • Candy Tree
  • OrgraN

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