Ymmmmm!! Check out the Candy Tuesday Video!!

I always forget how fun it is to eat hard candy although I always relate it to candies that I was given at church to keep still as a child and the hard candies in the candy dish at grandmas house. Needless to say, I must start buying more candies because the flavor just last, last and last!! These Organic hard candies were awesome I might add and even though it was apart of an impulse buy at the checkout counter, I’m glad I chose them.

Like I said in the video there are other flavors available: Apple, Cherry, Pomegranate, Ginger and Honey Lemon!

I bought mine at TJ Maxx while searching for a kettlebell but you can buy them at Amazon.com for $3.99 and bulk size as well. I guess because I was in TJ Maxx the price of $2.99 was apart of there ongoing discounts.

Here is the website for Go Naturally

Thanks for hand making these gluten free, no artificial flavored yummy cherry hard organic candies!!