Today I received an enormous package, unexpectedly! Check out this Candy Tuesday Video!

I guess you saw how big this package was so after the video, it was very hard to decide which candy to review. So I finally chose:


Chocolate Peppermint Bark (Fine dark and white chocolate topped with King Leo Peppermint Bits) – Very fine dark and white chocolate with a minty fresh taste from the small bits of peppermint. It almost reminded me of a finer and richer peppermint patty but very different and fun too eat. I love white chocolate and mints so it was a good mix for me!

soft pomegranate puffs

Soft Pomegranate Puffs – This were my FAVORITE! Wow, what flavor and juice! After about 15 seconds the puff melted right in my mouth but with such fruity taste!

I didn’t want to open all of the boxes but it was very tempting! All look so great, but I’ve decided to make a contest to give some away! Quality Candy is the manufacturer of fine candies like in this review and they currently own: King Leo and Gilliam Candy. The candy is above quality from my taste test and of course the tradition of both brands King Leo and Gilliam Candy makes it hard to beat. You can view the entire line up of candy at and also order online (minimum order $25).

qcandy bunch

I’ll be posting information next about the contest or maybe via Twitter! Keep a heads up on that!