I haven’t yet.. They look so yummy!! They are little candy blocks like the shape of LEGOS..I know just from reading the descriptions online that this would be a favorite.

Candy Blox, Concord look and play just like the classic building block toy, you can eat your delicious candy buildings when they’re finished. Hard candy treats that look just like Lego’s. You can actually stack them like blocks and then eat them. They are fruity flavored and slightly tart.

Based on the reviews from Amazon.com,  I bet they are yummy because I love tart and sour like candy.

The kids at my son’s 7th Birthday loved these sweet-tart flavored, stackable, Lego-like candies, perfect for kids parties.

My Son had a Lego themed B-day party and as the kids stragled in I sat them at the table and gave them a bag(labeled with names) of these block candies. They busied themselves with building and eating. When everyone arrived I set a timer and had them build the talest stack of candy they could by the time the buzzer went off. The party started off with the apparent Lego theme, an activity, a game, and leftovers for the goodie bag! I would buy them again….I did not buy from this particular company.

As Valentines is coming up there are so many fun things that you could do with these blocks! Just like the LEGO pieces, your imagination is key to a nice construction. I wonder if they have little action figures!!

If you’ve tried them let me know! Have a Happy Tuesday