Yep, that time again another Candy Tuesday with different flavors all the time! Check it out.

I was a bit hesitant before trying these Jelly Belly’s but they did surprise me as you’ve seen in the video. When I searched online to find the same bag it wasn’t available. At it’s possible they have replaced the name with the “bridge mix“. In the licorice bridge mix there are jelly beans, the candy covered soft jelly licorice drops and covered “seeds”. I’m sure its the same give and take away that soft gummy bear that was included in my bag! That was yummy.

The bag cost me almost $2.00 and I found it at Wal-Mart. There weren’t many left so I’m assuming that it is being discontinued. However, theĀ  bridge mix is alive and from what I heard people like the taste. If you absolutely don’t like licorice you probably shouldn’t try it. But honestly its soft and not a strong licorice flavor as you might assume!