Easter is right around the corner and today is Candy Tuesday! I hope you like the review!

The Lindt Easter Bunny has been around for many years! I did not realize the history behind the story until now. The first Lindt Gold Bunny was created in March 1952 and it has held a great tradition ever since. The bunny is made from soft milk Lindt chocolate and is wrapped with a gold color foil. The tradition is that the bunny is wrapped in gold with a red tie around the neck!

The month of March 2007 during the bunny’s 55 Aniversary was celebrated as Lindt Chocolate Day. Large gold bunny sculptures were made and decorations. All of which I had no idea! These bunnies are not so easy to find. Even after checking Ebay, I’ve only seen them in a couple of stores and especially from Europe!

Read more about the making of the gold bunny at the Lindt Gold Bunny Website. Also, if you’re interested you can send a Easter Card free from the site as well. They are very well designed, plus you can add your own photo. That normally at places like Hallmark is no less than $1.99 to send. So take advantage!!