maoam freak

I didn’t realize until today after reading a blog post about Maoam Fruit Chew Candy and their freaky candy wrappers! There is a father outraged about the wrappers. I tasted Maoam chews for the first time during my travels to England once and they reminded me exactly of Mambo Fruit Chews. There seem to have been strong complaints about the candy wrapper that could suggest to any adult a little “TLC” going on..LOL.. But I guess the controversy is overrated, because if a kid in my opinion looks at this wrapper it only suggests cuddling and friendship.  But for a “freaky” adult it could mean more than a little TLC..

Anyway, Maoams are really good, fruity and juicy. They come in the following flavors and packaged exactly like Mamba Chews.


Each cube shaped MAOAM Mini contains five single MAOAM sweets. MAOAM Minis are available as 5-packs in all five fruit flavors, as 3-packs of:

  • Strawberry
  • Orange
  • Raspberry

Minis are also availabe in countline fomat in sour apple, sour cherry and sour orange flavor.