Happy New Years Eve!! Yesterday, I was very busy late minute shopping but I here is the full review of Chocomize from Candy Tuesday!

Below is a screenshot of my order if you’re interested. After testing all of the bars, for me the white chocolate topped it off. Of course, I’m biased to white chocolate because it’s my favorite. I specifically liked the mix of the butter pecan drops and the sprinkle of gold flakes! I was surprised by the good quality of chocolate. It was really soft and rich in flavor.


The concept of creating your own chocolate is awesome and I’m happy to see there is competition in this sector. Back a month ago I did a review of another chocolate creation company and how easy it is to order. With Chocomize is it just the same and it is made very fast! There are so many ways to use the Chocomize company: they are great for giving gifts, corporate gifts, wedding favors and even teams. Although I’m not the biggest chocolate freak, I love the concept and especially when the chocolate is as tasty as what I designed! I love saying that!!


The only difference in ordering online using Chocomize and Chocri is that with Chocri I named my bars! That was fun and exciting! Valentines Day is right around the corner so imagine designing a chocolate bar with hearts and gold sprinkles?!

That you can’t buy in stores and created by you adds the special touch!