skittles candy I thought that I’d start my first candy blog review with the very first candy that I remember eating and actually enjoying. That would be, the Rainbow of Fruit Flavors – Skittles. I wonder why I took such a big interest in eating skittles as a child. I believe the fruity colors caught my attention. I just love all colors and as an artist my pallet is always filled with the rainbow colors like Skittles.

Although, I wasn’t a big fruit eater, I liked the juicy taste of Skittles. Just knowing that I had a bag of skittles waiting for me, made me happy. Until, I was older and my brother became interested in Skittles, there were moments that we had to share. And of course as big sister, I counted fairly and divided the bag amongst us. One green for you, one green for me; Two reds for me, one red for you 🙂

I was evil and obsessed with sweet fruity candy at a young age. Well, I think there can’t be too many that don’t like Skittles. But I understand if you don’t and well there is more for me!

I get these weird questions at times:

Question: How many skittles in a bag?

Answer: The only conclusion and answer that I have is that its always pretty much an odd number of skittles. Even the times that I was fair with my brother. I ended up giving the odd skittle to my mother. But I’m guessing the smaller original 2.16 oz bag of skittles probably have around 31-41 per bag.

Where I buy Skittles

I think the cheapest places you can get bulk Skittles to save is either your local warehouse such as: Sams Club, Costco etc. Online I like to use Ebay. There you get a variety of good prices. For smaller bags, I suggest Wal-Mart as the cheapest!

Here are some from ebay.