Hey there! I’ve been pretty busy the past few days getting the newsletter and the candy recipe ebook together! But I still managed to have time to do a quick Candy Tuesday review. Enjoy!

A good friend of mine in Spain said these were her favorite candies as a kid. So of course, I had to see what was so good about it! I can see why, the flavor and the soft gummie candy is yummy. Although the bag I purchased seemed like lots of air, not enough because I went through it so fast after the video. I like that its individually wrapped but it probably shouldn’t be, because when you pop one in your mouth you’re ready for the second. Well.. that was in my case!


I enjoyed this candy a lot. I searched online for places where you can possibly purchase and it seems that one company does carry them in bulk size of 2 kilos which is about 4.5 pounds. The price is 14 euros which is about $22 plus of course shipping from Spain.  They are nice to try so maybe wait until you take a vacation trip to Spain or buy them online. If I find them in the USA I will update this post.