candy hall of fame

Earlier this week in Tampa, Florida the Candy Hall of Fame event took place and many inductees were honored. However, one of the more exciting news was that of an organic candy product that was inducted into the Candy Hall of Fame. Company Pure Fun was acknowledged for their organic candy canes.

organic candy canes

Pure Fun has an assortment of organic candy that you should know about.

  • Organic Cotton Candy
  • Organic Candy Canes
  • Organic CHOCOLATE meltdowns
  • Organic CITRUS slices
  • Organic MINT pinwheels
  • Organic Pure Pops
  • Organic FRUIT pinwheels
  • Organic FRUIT rocks
  • Organic BARRELS of fun
  • Organic JAW boulders
  • Pure Fun Organic Candy Halloween
  • Organic Halloween Pure Pops

Stores are located in the USA, Canada and some International Locations & Shops. Of course you can buy them online as well

They also have Organic Halloween Candy Pops:

organic halloween candy