Hey guys! I”m kind of bummed out because as I was starting the video for Candy Tuesday, it stopped everytime after 2 seconds. I have an error of a slow memory card .. So today there is no video unfortunately, but tomorrow I will head out to get a faster SD memory card. Hopefully that will do the trick.


Anyway, my review for today is Smint & Gum. The brand Smint is from Spain and it is a dental candy that contains Xylitol which is good for the health of your teeth. Smint started as small boxes of mint type candies that can be compared to Tic Tacs but with a different form and overall flavor. Smints have the shape of smooth edge triangle and comes in many different flavors to freshen the breath.

smint gum

The Smint dispenser is pretty neat as you push at the top and the small candy drops from the bottom. However, that is not my review for today but if you look below you can see the original size compared to the Smint Gum. I actually love Smint candy but never tried the gum so I was looking forward to this.


The package above is red with 8 smints. The form of the Smint mints is the same but larger than the drops.  Also a big difference, it contains gum, but in a unique way. The top has the candy drop and a bit hard shelled and the bottom layer contains the gum. The flavor is strawberry and on the top you can see white and pink with spots. Well the candy and gum alternates sides so you might have the mint gum or the strawberry gum flavor.

When I popped it in my mouth I enjoyed the flavor of course however the gum shrank in size really fast and the gum didn’t last long at all.  But I enjoyed the flavor! I probably wouldn’t buy this anymore because the Smint Candy is enough but when I want long lasting gum I’ll try other options!

The gum comes in the following flavors

  • Fresh Mint
  • Strong Mint
  • Strawberry
  • Blackberry

The website can be found at Smint.com.