Today I have some international candy for Candy Tuesdays!! Right now I am visiting Spain and happened to get some goodies along the way. Enjoy the video!

As I said in the video, I normally do not eat licorice candy unless it has a fruity flavor such as these licorice straws with filling or without. The candy manufacturer is Fiesta and they do have a website in both English and Spanish. The Spanish candy website has most of the products which can be found at The English website ( only seems to have chocolate rocks which is something very interesting.

The price for the package of four was 2 euros and as of today´s currency its $2.70. A bit expensive but it was well worth the taste. In most candy stores in Spain the licorice straws are popular and cost around 0.05 cents. However, the sour inside filling shocks is new and therefore priced more expensive than the rest.

The Sour Electroshock Flavors

  • Strawberry
  • Cola
  • Apple

The translation for licorice in Spanish is Regaliz! I hope you´ve learned something new in the world of international candy! Enjoy