Wow, its been a long time since writing and I do apologize. I have been traveling and soon I’ll be traveling again. However, I did get a chance to try one of the most sour bubble gum that I have ever ate. I did not have my video camera because it was offered to me and I wasn’t expecting it. The gum is Super Hiper Acido and its 8 cm long and inside there is sour powder. I was told by the kid who offered it to me that I could not handle it. I said, of course I can because sour candy is my favorite type of candy and gum.

So first I tried the Green Apple and I bit about half of it and chewed it and it was not that sour. Later, the kids said, wait the Green Apple is nothing so they gave me the Strawberry. I took the same bite and well it was 100% different and sooooooo sour. I mean I had tears like the cartoon from Cry Babies gum but this is so much more sour. I had to take a break from chewing and there is NO WAY that I could have eaten the entire 8 cm. I had to save it for later. I have never eaten gum that sour in my life.

The company behind this gum is Confiteca and they manufacturer gum, candy, sugar free candy, chocolates, lollipops and novelty candy..

Here is a video commercial of the gum in action 🙂

After you try this gum, I think that you will agree that it is one of sourest gums in the world!! I have not tried ordering from the website but it does give users a chance to create and account and purchase candy I believe. The ordering processing takes awhile for delivery: 45 – 60 days depending on the product.