Sour Patch Kid Revenge

I couldn’t believe it myself!! Remember to reply at Youtube and visit: The People Vs. Sour Patch Kids: You could receive that really cool Sour Patch Kid T-Shirt and packs of candy! Enjoy and good luck!

Atomic Bottle Pop

Back for another Candy Tuesday!! I love when friends give the gift of candy!! Check out this video   The Atomic Bottle Pops are manufactured in Hungary and if you want to check out their website here it is. I wish I could tell you the price but it was a gift. If...
Fruit Vines Bites Review Yummmm!

Fruit Vines Bites Review Yummmm!

Tuesday Tuesday Candy!! The Fruit Vines Bites were awesome and the mini mason jar is a great collectible. I like the bites a lot better than the full size vines only because I like to pop them in my mouth fast! The Fruit Vines come in two flavors: Strawberry and...