Candy Tuesday is a bit different this Tuesday, as yesterday when I made the recording, I left my candy at home LOL. So check out the video!

The Amusement Park one of the three oldest in the world. Read the history and check out the website (Spanish/Catalan).

The first thing I spotted was this cute little trolly with Cotton Candy screaming my name!!

I walked by it three times before buying the cotton candy. It was a large amount for 3 euros. Even the candy apples looked yummy. But I’ve allergy problems when it comes to fresh apples. So, I had to pass it buy.

Check out the candy apples below.

The park was nice if you’re in the Barcelona visiting. You can stroll the park free without paying in enjoy basic rides such as the Carrousel, The Airplane ride, Ferris Wheel and the musuem for a small 2 euro – 8 euro fee. If you want more attractions the price is about 25 euros!