candy necklaceOk, I was asked to review some good candy necklaces but there aren’t too many different types.

The original candy necklace is typically made with small tart candy with a retractable elastic string. These are fun to wear and eat at the same time. Warning, I learned as a teen, not to wear them when its extremely hot outside, because they do actually melt and get sticky around the neck 🙂

You can buy candy necklaces at any candy store around in the mall and they are relatively cheap $0.99 per one necklace and if you want a container of candy necklaces about 72 pieces (great for retro parties) it runs around $30.00.  Although, many people have fun making their own candy necklaces because it is really EASY.

Other Types of Candy Jewelry

Below is a list of  great candy jewelry

  • Candy Lipstick
  • Charms Ring Pops
  • Candy Bracelets
  • Candy Watches
  • Candy Purses or Pocketbooks
  • Candy Beads

As an adult, I’ve found many interesting candy accessories and underwear

candy thong

  • Candy Thong (similar to candy necklaces but in the shape of a thong)
  • Chocolate Candy Thongs
  • Candy Bras
  • Clip on Candy Rings
  • Candy Garter

The adult candy can be purchased at most Adult Stores such as Eden Fantasy’s. The prices for the accessories range from $10+.
Edible treats - Candy g-string (Pink / Red)
Good luck with finding more candy jewelry, chocolate jewelry, candy rings and rock candy jewelry