valentines candy heartsIts February! St. Valentines Day is only 13 days away and are you ready? What will you get your valentines in 2008? Or for yourself!

The norm for Valentines day is to buy candy and it can be boring every year to receive a box of chocolates. However, the fun thing about candy is that it’s flexible. If you have a tad bit of imagine and crafty hands you should make art candy and make the candy unforgettable. Most people who want to be original with candy during this holiday usually end up buying candy thongs or equivalent buts too easy and easily forgettable. Below are some good valentines candy ideas with an art twist!

ribboncandy.jpg valentines kisses

Where to buy these candies in a rush?

  1. Candy Crate
  2. Old Time Candy
  3. zChocolat