It’s almost Halloween!! I’ll be reviewing maybe three videos this Halloween Candy week so I hope you guys enjoy!!

The Toy Story is one of the most popular Disney Movie of all time. So my mom decided to buy this for me and I was surprised with its similar taste of the Flintstones Vitamins that I use to take as a kid. Although, the vitamins have a juicer taste than the Toy Story tarts , they are good enough to give out for Halloween. I like individual small bags like you saw in the video.

toy story candy tarts flinstone-vitamin

You can buy these online but they maybe hard to find.  At CandyWarehouse you can find the Disney Tarts of Mickey & Friends but I was unable to find the Toy Story version. I’m sure its around but you might have to look around. These are good for kids because for them the taste isn’t so important. Its all about the SUGAR!!!