I was so lucky to visit the home of my favorite artist Salvador Dali! Check out this weeks review of Candy Tuesdays!

If you’re an art lover like myself and happen to be in the Barcelona area or Girona, Spain you should check out the house museum of Dali! There were so many artistic details inside of the house that were just incredible.. Most great artist in my opinion were 100% geniuses and Dali is not exception.

Well about the gum! I wanted to do the review there and I had the Trident Dental+ gum. Honestly, I didn’t notice anything special from the chewing gum but it was refreshing. There are so many different branded chewing gums by Trident but the most important ingredient is Xylitol!

I bought this in Spain and from the looks of it many people enjoy it! At the CIAO! online shopping review portal many have commented (Spanish) on the fresh flavor.

Dali's Studio