I hope that you’ve started the New Year off great! Well I’ve started the year eating sugarless gum that I stumbled upon. I usually don’t shop for too many sugar-free gum’s but the Trident Splash Citrus Raspberry case caught my eye. At times, I’m more intrigued by the design and colors of a “candy” than actually the candy or gum itself. So, I purchased this at Target’s Store and I was surprised at it fruity splash taste, given that it is a sugar free gum.

The gum contains Xylitol which was derived from Finland. When I lived in Finland back in 1999-2003, I ate all kinds of Xylitol gum’s and really didn’t get how important it was until it became mainstream in other countries years later.It is good for the teeth and as well as the health.

Anyway, Trident Passionberry Twist Gum is what I’ve been chewing and eating these past days. I love the design of the box. It is neat and user friendly. The pack contains 18 sticks and states that it “Cleans & Protects Teeth”.