Finally! Another edition of Candy Tuesday’s!! I’m reviewing chocolate today, which is not so common as you’ve noticed! Check it out.. its pretty “sweet”.

So as you noticed my opinion of the Twix White Chocolate limited edition is its way to sweet for me. I love sweets but it was a bit overwhelming. I like white chocolate far more than any other, however mixed with caramel is not a good option. When I do have the urge to buy chocolate its usually a Twix bar so I’m not sure if my taste buds are so used to eating the normal milk chocolate twix bars. In any case, I bought the bar in Spain in a snack machine. The price was about 1.20 euros. Of course expensive when you purchase from a machine.

I’m glad that I tried it because I had the urge for white chocolate but this will be the last limited Edition white chocolate Twix for me! Has anyone else tried it??